About Us

How It All Started

In the fall of 2003, TJ’s Take & Bake Pizza was opened by local residents Tom and Deborah Jans. It was a family affair as all three of their kids had a big hand in getting the store opened. Back then, selling uncooked pizza was virtually unheard of in the south. For most folks, their idea of bake-at-home pizza was from the frozen food aisle at the supermarket. Undeterred and knowing they had created something special, Tom began TJ’s by giving away free pizza. Yes, that’s right…free! Tom’s instinct was right; after one taste folks were coming back for more. Today, TJ’s remains a success story.

Quality Pizza Is In The Details

When TJ’s started way back in 2003, the competition for pizza on Hilton Head was just as fierce as it is today, so Tom and Deborah knew their pies needed to be nothing less than fantastic! With that ideal, and our original “take and bake” concept, they developed TJ’s with guidance from Big Dave Ostrander… yes, the same Big Dave who coached the US Pizza Team and who’s appeared on frequently on the Food Network.

But Tom & Deborah didn’t stop there. They spent time studying under the “Dough Doctor” himself, Tom Lehman in Manhattan, Kansas. There, the signature pizza dough recipe was born and our dough is still made on site using the original recipe. It’s still a secret today, that only a few know!

All of our dough is made with un-bleached, chemical-free spring wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil and other secret ingredients (we’ll keep those to ourselves). Then the dough is allowed to slow-rise for at least 48 hours. Every one of our pizzas starts with amazing crust, but it’s our premier sauce (also made from scratch) that really steals the show. It’s completely preservative free and never frozen. Finally, every pie is topped with our Italian cheese blend, premium meats and fresh cut vegetables.

We take pizza seriously!

Continuing An Island Tradition

In 2015, I purchased TJ’s Take And Bake Pizza with the goal of continuing our long tradition of making great pizza on Hilton Head! I have always loved the concept of having a hot-out-of-the-oven, pizzeria-quality pie in the comfort of my own home, baked at my own convenience. What could be better?

Today, at our new location on Main Street, we offer a great casual dine-in experience in addition to our traditional bake-at-home pies – heck, we’ve got the pizza oven, so we might as well use it! So whether grabbing a quick slice and salad on your lunch break or bringing the family in for a full course dinner, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy food prepared with passion and pride.

What Our Customer Have To Say!

The pizza was massive and delicious. We needed a night to rest up from our long drive and we are so glad we chose to get a pie from TJ’s.

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