Office Catering On Hilton Head Island

Are You Looking for Catered Lunch Ideas On Hilton Head?

Do you need to throw together a lunch for your workplace, or for a meeting, club or group gathering? Any time you’re looking for a delicious meal for a group on Hilton Head Island, we’re ready to help at TJ’s Take & Bake Pizza. Pizza for work?

Sure, why not? From take-and-bake to carry-out options, we’ll adapt to the needs of your function. And our offerings go beyond pizza too, so you’re sure to find something that pleases.

Easy Office Catering On Hilton Head

People always think of pizza when they need a meal for family and friends. It’s something easy that tends to satisfy everyone, picky eaters included. So why don’t we turn to pizza more for work and social functions? We make it easy to do just that with our lunch catering at TJ’s Take & Bake Pizza.

Pizza’s an easy choice that most people will eat, and it’s simple to order, pick up and serve. We have red sauce and white pizzas in a range of varieties to choose from. Feeling creative? Make up your own pizza!

And if by some chance you want to expand beyond pizza, what are some good lunch ideas? In that case, we’re happy to put together a wrap tray, wings and salads. These options are great choices to serve instead of pizza or in addition to it on the side.

View our catered office meals and business lunch ideas here.

Ready-to-Eat or Take-and-Bake Options

You might know us as a place for take-and-bake pizzas that you finish in your own oven, and that’s true.
But we also offer carry out and catering options. We’ll cook it so it’s ready for your group to eat.

the best way to please a crowd
Does TJ's offer salads?
The best wrap on Hilton Head Island

So you can take your pick of baking options to fit your function. If you want a quick, simple process and food that’s ready to eat, we’ll make sure your pizzas are hot and ready just in time for your crowd. Or if your function space has an oven and you’d like fresh-baked pizza whenever you’re ready for it, our take-and-bake options are available for you as well.

Perfect For Office Parties or Business Lunches

For more than 15 years, we have been making premium pizza we’re proud of. All of our pizza is handmade from scratch with an original, slow-rise dough recipe we make fresh daily and hand toss.

We cover our red sauce pizzas with fresh, preservative-free sauce and our white pizzas with 100 percent extra virgin olive oil. We coat both types with our signature Italian cheese blend and add your choice of premium, farm-fresh toppings.

You’ll find a long list of specialty pizzas to choose from, including Italian sausage and pepperoni, margherita, veggie, BBQ chicken and many more. Or build your own pizzas from a range of high-quality topping choices, with a vast selection of veggies, meats, cheeses and herbs.

Fresh, Top-Quality Ingredients and Processes

Catering for All Sorts of Work and Social Functions In Hilton Head

TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza is here for you any time you’re looking for lunch catering for work or social functions. Whether you’re trying to come up with working lunch menu ideas, you need food for a meeting or you’re looking for a great meal to reward the whole office, we can provide the catering. Our business catering is also a great choice for real estate open houses and lunch for training classes.

Or maybe you’re looking for lunch catering for a social or charitable function. We can provide large orders of pizza for school fundraisers, parties, church groups, clubs, meetings…basically any kind of event with a group you need to feed.

Lunch Catering Near Me

The next time you’re looking for catering on Hilton Head Island, think about pizza and sides from our selection at TJ’s Take & Bake Pizza. We’re pretty sure your group will be happy to see a crowd favorite of pizza on your serving tables. We’ll bake your pizzas so they’re ready to go for your event, or feel free to grab some take-and-bake ones to bake yourself. Before your next event, just let us know what types of pizzas and sides you’d like. It’s as simple as that.