The Best Pizza On Hilton Head

Who Has The Best Pizza On Hilton Head?

Are you looking for the best pizza on Hilton Head Island? While there’s certainly no shortage of pizza on the island, we think ours is the cream of the crop. You might be thinking that this is a big and bold claim to make, but we’re ready to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. We’re ready to show you what makes us so special. Whether you’re on a one-man quest to get your melted cheese fix or looking for a place that serves more generously than your grandmother during the holiday season, we’re going to show you why our pizza has been the leading choice on the island since 2003.

The Ingredients

At TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza, we use an ideal blend of the best, freshest, and most classic ingredients in proportions that will transform your idea of mainstream take and bake options. You see, we were pioneers during the days when selling fresh, uncooked pizza was unusual and unheard of in the south.

Back then, if you wanted to bake your own you had to buy it frozen….with no telling of how old or chemically altered the ingredients were. Although these take and bake options were convenient, they ultimately fell flat in both flavor and presentation.

In order to prove that we were dedicated to baking the greatest pizza on the island, we put our emphasis on made-to-order pizzas with fresh cut vegetables, premium meats, and a variety of other options to satisfy any taste buds!

We offer classic, farm fresh vegetable toppings from roma tomatoes, red onions, and green peppers to a few unique ingredients like artichoke hearts, kalamata olives, and pine nuts!

Pizza Slices On HHI

Take one look at our menu and you’ll see firsthand what we’re all about. We offer farm fresh vegetable toppings, from classics like Roma tomatoes, red onions, and green peppers to more exotic choices like artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, and pine nuts!

Toppings aren’t your thing? No problem! If you’re looking to get your cheese fix, you’re in luck! Along with our signature Italian cheese blend, we also offer Asiago, fontina, feta, and sharp cheddar for various levels of melted bliss.

For all you meat lovers out there, you can treat yourself to 12 individual protein options and mix and match to find that savory flavor you’ve been craving. Finally, top off your creation with garlic, basil, and cilantro for the perfect, zesty taste in every bite!

The Dough

Building a pizza is a lot like building a home – it all starts with a good foundation. Without a good foundation, made with care, attention, and constructed by the book, a pizza would fail to support and unify all the other important ingredients. For this reason, we knew we had to use the best dough for the job. With help from Tom Lehmann, a.k.a. the “dough doctor,” we learned the science behind great dough and came up with our own original recipe that’s made fresh from scratch on the premises.  

Using unbleached, chemical-free spring wheat flour, we let our dough rise for a minimum of 48 hours to prevent bitter tasting crust and to ensure a consistent base every time. Then, we use extra virgin olive oil along with a few other secret ingredients that we keep up our sleeve (figuratively speaking, of course!) for our own spin on New York style thin crust.

We learned the science behind great dough and came up with our own original recipe that’s made fresh from scratch everyday!

Pizza Dough

The Sauce

In order to make Hilton Head Island’s best pizza, we can’t give all of our focus to just one aspect of the pie. Sauce is the second foundational ingredient for pizza. Just like our original dough recipe, we give our specialty homemade red sauce the exact same care and attention it deserves.

Ever since Europe was introduced to tomatoes in the 16th century, this cooking ingredient has become a staple in a variety of different noteworthy dishes. Since then, the combination of tomatoes with garden-picked herbs and other ingredients has evolved into one of the most popular and widespread forms we all know and love today: classic, savory, red pizza sauce.

We knew that in order to make a perfect pie all around, we couldn’t just use a premade sauce, so we selected an excellent tomato base and added liberally (but carefully) to it until all the ingredients came together for an expertly balanced taste and texture. In order to continue the tradition of enjoying pizza the way it was meant to be served, our sauce is made fresh, never frozen, and is completely preservative free.

With carefully selected, high-quality ingredients and customer satisfaction at the core of our values, we’re confident that we’ve raised the bar for authentic, delicious pizzas all across the Lowcountry.

Fresh Tomatoes On Hilton Head

The Toppings

Sometimes, the best experiences in life come from the simplest pleasures. For us, the perfect pizza has minimal, yet mouthwatering ingredients that explode with flavor in every bite. But in order to provide the best pizza on Hilton Head Island, we want you to have as many options as possible so you can build your own creation to your particular taste!   

With one look at our menu, you’ll see that we’re dedicated to providing lots of different combinations to please any palette. With 4 different kinds of cheese, 3 types of herbs, 12 choices of delectable meats, and 15 different vegetable toppings, you can mix and match to your heart’s content! Keeping it simple is perfectly fine, but with our wide variety of toppings, there’s always a new pizza waiting to be discovered, savored and devoured!

With 4 different kinds of cheese, 3 types of herbs, 12 varieties of delectable meats, and 15 different vegetable toppings, you can mix and match to your heart’s content!

Pizza Dough

Bake At Home Or Get It Baked For You

What could be better than having a pizza made from scratch with high quality ingredients but without the hard work or preparation… all in the comfort of your own home? Here at TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza, this is the question that started it all and led us to where we are today. With our take and bake option, you can enjoy the love, care, and great taste in every bite of our pies straight from your oven, on your own schedule.

Unlike supermarkets and delis where their pizzas are frozen for days at a time, our take and bake offerings are made to order with care so you can look forward to enjoying freshly prepared pizzas every time you visit. Of course, you can still stop by and conveniently grab a hot and ready slice to go, or have your pizza baked hot and ready for you, or bring your family to dine in and enjoy the aroma after a long day. The choice is yours, but no matter how you slice it….it’ll be delectable!

With our take and bake option, you can enjoy the love, care, and great taste in every bite of our pies straight from your oven, on your own schedule.

Take and Bake Pizza ideas

Best Pizza On Hilton Head FAQ’s

Of course! Despite having “Take and Bake” in our name, we also offer you the convenience of having your pizzas baked to perfection in the store so you can enjoy it on the go. Or if you’re looking to sit down and enjoy your meal in a cozy atmosphere, you can ‘dine in’ with us either inside or out on our patio.

We aspire to satisfy each individual customer’s favorite tastes so we carry 15 veggie options (with a few fruit options thrown in as well), 12 differently prepared meat options, 4 types of cheese, and 3 herbs. When building your own pie, you can also choose to use a red sauce or white pizza.  

TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza has been locally owned and operated since our founding in 2003. Back then, it was a family owned affair with local residents Tom and Deborah Jans, along with their three children, running the show. Today, owner Bill Rice splits his time between Hilton Head Island and Sun City, where he stays with and helps out his aging parents.  All of our employees live and work on or near Hilton Head Island. As we are a wholly independent shop (and not a franchise,) all of our earnings remain in the area and support our community with jobs, taxes and patronage of local stores and businesses.

All of our dough is made on the premises with unbleached, chemical-free spring wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil, and other select ingredients that we keep secret. Then, we allow the dough to slow rise in our cooler for a minimum of 48 hours to ensure that it doesn’t break down or result in a bitter taste.  Finally, the dough is stretched, hand-tossed and ready for your made-to-order pie with a highly flavorful, perfectly textured crust.

Each TJ’s Take & Bake Pizza is prepared on a special one-time-use baking tray. No extra equipment is needed; just remove the wrapping, let it warm on the counter for ½ hour or so (if it’s been in the fridge) and pop it in the oven.  Baking instructions come with each order, and provide a variety of tips to help you bake your pizza to perfection!  

You can store your uncooked pizza in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours.  If you somehow lose your instructions, we conveniently keep a copy online in our “About” section that you can quickly refer to.

Yes! We want everyone on Hilton Head Island to enjoy our offerings, so we cater to different dietary restrictions with our gluten free crust available in small sized options. 

We Make It Fresh, You Make It Hot!

At TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza, we aren’t like the ordinary, run-of-the-mill franchises. As a locally owned and operated pizzeria on Hilton Head, we’ve dedicated ourselves since 2003 to providing the island with what we believe is the best pizza around. From the beginning, we’ve gone through great lengths to craft our own signature dough, sauce, and flavors with help from some of the pizza industry’s most prominent figures.

Every choice we made was carefully tested and thought out until we arrived at the best possible outcome that we stand behind to this day. When you order at TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza, you’re guaranteed that every aspect of your order, from hand tossing the dough to making sure all of your fresh toppings are precisely balanced, is met with passion, effort, and care for a gorgeous, mouthwatering result. Stop by or call us today to place your order exactly how you desire. We look forward to having you!

Heck, you don’t always have to take our word for it, we were recently named best pizza on Hilton Head by Lowcountry Style and Living!

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About Hilton Head Island, SC

Hilton Head Island, SC is a beautiful resort town located on an island off the coast of South Carolina. The island is renowned for its stunning beaches, golf courses, and luxury amenities. Hilton Head Island is a popular vacation destination for families and couples looking for a relaxing getaway.

There are many activities to enjoy on the island, including fishing, boating, swimming, and exploring the local shops and restaurants. Hilton Head Island is also home to a variety of events throughout the year, such as the RBC Heritage golf tournament and the Hilton Head Island Seafood Festival. Visitors to Hilton Head Island will find plenty of things to do and see during their stay.

Area: 69.15 mi²
Elevation: 10′
Founded: 1983
Population: 40,007 (2019)
Area code: 843

What is Hilton Head Island known for?
Hilton Head Island is justifiably famous for its incredible beaches and its world-class golf courses. It’s regularly voted one of the best vacation destinations in the world. From- Discover South Carolina

What is unique about Hilton Head Island?
With one of the top 10 family beaches in the U.S., an array of world-class golf courses, abundant natural beauty and a spirit you won’t find anywhere else, Hilton Head Island offers a relaxing, laid-back and welcoming vibe that makes it a perfect vacation destination. From HHI Chamber

Is Hilton Head Island pretty?
One of the most beautiful towns in South Carolina, Hilton Head Island is renowned for its pristine beaches and championship-grade golf courses. Nestled between Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina, this 12-mile barrier island offers a less crowded atmosphere than these two more popular destinations. From Culture Trip

Three Things To See On Hilton Head Island:

Coligny Beach Park:
Oceanside park with landscaped walking & biking paths, plus WiFi, swings & beach-equipment rentals.

Coastal Discovery Museum:
Lowcountry natural & cultural history

Sea Pines Forest Preserve:
Scenic wildlife habitat with trails