we offer seven distinctive white pizzas

Top 10 Reasons To Eat TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza

If we could only eat one food for the rest of our lives, pizza would be the choice….beating out steaks, hamburgers, tacos, and other picks. It can be eaten at any meal (don’t overlook a pizza breakfast) or at any temperature. It can be used to celebrate a successful move or a pick me up after a bad day!

That’s the finding of a recent Harris Poll. Pizza was the favorite of 21 percent of those surveyed. Steak came in second at (16 percent), followed by hamburgers (13 percent), tacos (11 percent), pasta (11 percent), salad (9 percent), sushi (6 percent), and macaroni and cheese (4 percent).

Pizza was also the choice dish (25 percent) when it comes to indulging and straying from their usual diet, beating out ice cream or a burger with fries (each got 18 percent), fried chicken (7 percent), and tacos (7 percent).

umans are drawn to foods that are sweet, rich and complex

Other slices from the survey:

Favorite living sports legend to eat pizza with: Most women would want to share pizza with tennis star Serena Williams (15 percent) while men chose Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12 percent).

Pizza and passion: 63 percent would be likely to “swipe right” for someone who mentioned pizza in their online dating profile (if they were online dating), with men being more likely than women to do so (67 percent versus 60 percent).

Eat with your hands. More than 2 in 10 (22 percent) would not go on a second date with someone if they ate pizza with a knife and fork on the first date.

Pizza is so popular in the U.S. that 350 slices are eaten every second while 40 percent of Americans eat pizza at least once a week.

There’s a reason pizza is so popular; humans are drawn to foods that are sweet, rich and complex. Yes, complex. Scientists have found the characteristics of pizza ingredients and the baking causes sensory reactions that actually excite our brain, thrill our taste buds, and cause our mouth to water.

At TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza we are proud to serve American’s favorite food. If you love pizza, then come to TJ’s! But there are many more reasons to visit, so we compiled our Top Ten Reasons to come to TJ’s Take and Bake Pizza.

Best Pizza on Hilton Head

Given that pizza is so popular, there are a multitude of pizza spots across this country. Innumerable! But not all pizza is created equal. A lot of them are just okay. But do you really want mediocre pizza? That’s not what you’re craving. A TJ’s pizza tastes how it is meant to be: absolutely delicious!

 Our dough is made from unbleached, spring wheat flour and only 100 percent Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We slow-rise our dough for 48 hours to ensure the highest-quality, best-tasting product possible for you and your family. Our premium red sauce is made using only the freshest, vine-ripened tomatoes. Our sauce is 100 percent preservative free and homemade in our store. We top our pizzas with our own blend of the finest Italian cheeses available. Our pizza crust is hand-tossed, and each pie is crafted with an artisan’s care.  The result is simply the best pizza to be found on Hilton Head!   

The Best Place to Order Pizza for a Party

Everybody loves to throw a pizza party! Whether you’re throwing a party for your family or friends or hosting any other celebratory event, ordering pizza is the way to go as it is one of the few most customizable dishes that can suit clashing tastes.

Pizza is one food that’s truly versatile. You can add any topping to a pizza. You can even order half and half pies to please a group where everybody wants something different. Got a vegetarian or lactose intolerant family member? They can enjoy pizza as well.

Serving pizza for a party involves timing. You want your pies piping hot when your guests are ready to eat. This makes TJ’s Take and Bake pizza the perfect option for your gathering.  By baking them up in your own oven as needed you can keep the fresh, hot and delicious pizzas coming for hours. For variety, select from our roster of signature red and white pizzas, or customize to your own taste and imagination.  

Pizza reigns as Americans’ favorite food!

Best Food to Order For a Group on Hilton Head

Having a business meeting? Or maybe a club or group gathering? We are here to serve all your needs. We will construct your pizzas according to your specifications, and make sure your pizzas are fresh, hot and ready when you pick them up.  If your meeting space has an oven and you have the time and flexibility, then our take and pizza might be just the way to serve your guests on your own timetable.    

Want something additional with your pizza? You’re covered at TJ’s. We have a wide variety of salads and we will be happy to customize any salad that you may desire. We also offer creative and tasty wraps that can be tweaked to meet your taste desires, and wings to beat the band.  

Whatever your needs or group size, TJ’s is your go-to for group or catering options.

Best Family Meals to-go on Hilton Head

A couple of pizzas and some salads, and you have dinner. Call ahead and we will have your pizzas hot and ready-to-go when you arrive.

Modern life is busy, so what could be more convenient than picking up one of our freshly made pies and then deciding later on what time dinner will be? With our take and bake pizzas, all the legwork of preparation is done for you; all you need is about 15 minutes of baking time to put an appetizing and flavorful meal on the table for you and yours.

Call ahead and we will have your pizzas hot and ready-to-go when you arrive

Best Takeout on Hilton Head

Maybe Burger King scrapped their slogan for something they thought was more hip, but we like the concept of “Have It Your Way.” TJ’s is all about choice: pick up your pie hot or bake it at home; order one of our handcrafted pizzas or create one of your own; thin crust or ultra thin, or maybe gluten free. Veggies: 15 to choose from. Meats: select from 9 (and, yes, we have shrimp and anchovies). Cheeses: 4 choices. Fresh herbs: 3 choices.

Don’t get stuck in a takeout rut. At TJ’s we believe that customers should have a variety of options so that your TJ’s takeout can taste different every time you get it.

Best Lunch on Hilton Head

Check out TJ’s during the work week for fresh hot pizza slices, tasty wraps, crisp salads and some great combo deals.  And we’re not just about take-out; we’d love to have you enjoy your lunch on the premises, either inside or on our patio.  Everyone can use a break in the middle of the day.  Make it lunch at TJ’s and choose from our signature pies, salads, wraps, and wings.

The Best Place to Get a Salad for Lunch on Hilton Head

Nine percent of survey participants said salad is their favorite food….and we just happen to have nine unique and delightful salads on our menu. Our nine salads are like a baseball team, except we knock it out of the park every time with our variety, freshness, quality, and taste. If you want the best salad of your life every time, then sample a TJ’s salad at lunch (or anytime).

Nine percent of survey participants said salad is their favorite food

Best Family-Style Restaurant on Hilton Head

Grab some family and friends and come to TJ’s. We will put together a family-style dinner for you. Instead of individual plates, we will serve you on large platters. Everybody in your party will get to try multiple dishes. Not only will you have delectable food but when people eat family style it facilitates conversation among family and friends. As they say in Italian, godere (enjoy).

The Best White Pizza on Hilton Head

The name is self explanatory; a white pizza is made without tomato sauce. What a white pizza lacks for in crushed, vine-ripened tomatoes, it makes up for in other quality and tasty ingredients. White pizza is especially flavorsome because you can focus on the textures and taste of the other ingredients.

Oil, cheeses, vegetables and meats ‘pop out’ on white pizzas, as they are given center stage to stand on. At TJ’s, we offer seven distinctive white pizzas, and, of course, as with any of our pizzas, you can build your own.

we offer seven distinctive white pizzas

Best Heat and Serve Meals on Hilton Head

TJ’s Take and Bake, the name says it all. Allow us to make you the best dinner you’ve ever had, and heat it up in your kitchen on your own timeframe.

Here at TJ’s Take and Bake, we’re passionate about creating a warm, familiar, and family-friendly atmosphere. Visit us for the best in pizza and much more!

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