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Which Pizza Size is the Best Value

Which Pizza Size is the Best Value

In general, the more pizza we have the better. If anyone tries to discourage you from buying multiple large pies for your party, don’t let them. It is almost always a better value to order larger sized pizzas. Why? Simple math.

Bigger pizza means more value for your buck. For example one 18” pizza has roughly the same area as 1.7 14” pizza or 5.1 8” pizzas. To get the same amount of pizza (for example) in a $18.99 18 inch pizza, you’d have to spend an extra $5.25 on a 14 inch pizza, or an extra $23 on 8” inch pizza. See how the numbers add up? It is almost universally a better deal, from a mathematical point of view, to get the bigger pizza.

Caveat: Of course, this mathematical exercise (a rational method of getting the most return on your pizza investment) is in tune with our pizza party thinking. But, in other situations, it might not make sense to buy a massive pizza if you can’t eat it all (though leftovers are tempting), don’t want to overeat, don’t want to go over your budget, or don’t have enough space to store the leftovers. But for a pizza party, get the bigger pizza.

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